Vitamins & Supplements: Are They Really Bad For Us?

New Website from Lifetime Health Australia Supports Production of Australian-Made Health Supplements iStock Next to skin cancer , prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States . One in six men will develop the disease at some point during their lives, translating into a 16 percent lifetime risk of prostate cancer. With the advent and widespread implementation of PSA screening, the number of prostate cancer related deaths has reached an all time low since the 1930s. However, approximately 30,000 men still die every year secondary to the disease. To that end, dedicated research has sought to examine possible ways to prevent this cancer.
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Vitamins: Too much of a not-so-good thing?

Dr. Paul Offit says everyone should be more skeptical about taking large doses of vitamins.

Paul Offit doesn’t take any vitamins. In fact, while you might think that vitamins are great in any quantity, Offit urges you to take a step back and think before swallowing the equivalent of eight cantaloupes in a single dose. “I think that alternative medicine is often given a free pass,” he told CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I think we should hold alternative medicine to the same standard that we hold conventional medicine.
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vitamins supplements

International suppliers seek Australian-Made health products because the quality and integrity of the products are unparalleled, said Mr Adare. Lifetime Pharmaceutical Services has already assisted the manufacture of Australian-Made supplements for clients from Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, South East Asia and the Middle East. Services offered include re-branding or private labeling, product development, new formulations, single products or entire ranges. The opportunity to increase the profile of Australian-Made products internationally is a significant achievement for the small and proudly Australian-Owned natural health company.
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